On Rudeness, Extinction and Shattered Windows

Have you ever pondered the days of old

when men and angels would visit?

When men of a certain city.

long ago destroyed,

insisted on pulling such beings into a world

that was not their own.

A way of life so foreign and so threatening

that their only remaining escape to safety was

made by destroying the city. (Selah)

Why must there be zoos?

The very idea that creatures are better off

in arenas of existence

familiar to the stronger

warps the minds and hearts of those

designed for liberty. (Selah)

in the public zoo

the keeper could not feed her

the last tiger died. (Selah)

Tigers, pandas and the black rhino may seem lost

but the cost is not just,

for when the last one goes

she stops and looks sadly back

and cries for the final shattering

of the windows.

copyright - 1983 by Mark Hounsell