The American

The name American is much more then the designation of people of a common nation. This grand identity of a person’s proper allegiance and of embraced affinity should also render (by its very utterance) the attendance of one who embodies an unwavering loyalty to the noble promises of human liberty.

From time to time it may appear the American has lost his way. Yet, liberty will never loose her way. The steadfast standing that fights off the bondage of any oppressor’s yoke is found deep in the very make-up of those designed for liberty by an almighty God.

In these days of so much turmoil it will be the American who - having done all there is to do - will still stand. The American will stand for freedom; we will stand for justice; and we will stand for dignity for all oppressed people. Life, liberty and all other decent dreams need not be achieved through violent ends. Rather, the durability of these ends is best garnered by following truthful, revered and peaceable paths.

Without any fear or trepidation, as is befitting the high ideal of such a nation, as we collect ourselves from the tumult of a world seemingly in chaos, let it be our resolve to right ourselves as we continue on our eternal course towards Godly pursuits. By confronting all social, economic and political exploitation, with truth; void of greed; by saying no to what is wrong and yes to what is right, we will find the strength that is intended in the American name.